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Whether you are driving in the car, cooking dinner or curled up in bed with a hot tea, these are some of our favorite podcasts:

The Sustainability Agenda

Summary: Fergal Byrne shows an affinity for delving into the details of sustainability from thought leaders and people driving change alike. Does your brain want to soak in more on the psychology of climate change denial? How about an overview of Ecological Economics? Or perhaps your interested in hearing from people that lead sustainability efforts in multinational organizations? The podcast does require some brain power to keep up with concepts, so bring your notepad and be prepared to rewind and replay for understanding. 


Paul Samuel Dolman (Selections)

Summary: We were fortunate to meet Paul, an established writer and podcast host in St. Augustine, at a dinner party and were instantly hooked after his Larry David hitchhiking story. Paul’s genuine approach to communication seems to pull the essence of the conversation onto the table for full analysis from a logical perspective, add then adds a side of spiritual reflection to the gravity of the topic with a dash of humor to loosen up the guest and listener. Paul shared some of his sustainability themed selections for you all to enjoy below. 

Paul Hawken –

Dr. Michael Mann –

Peter Kalmus –

Rob Greenfield –

More to Come!

We’re still kicking around the soil here for more information. Let us know what green or sustainable resources you would like to see. Some examples we are looking for include: data, insights, books, documentaries, apps, opportunities, green glossary and much more.

Let us know what you think would be helpful!