Mission Statement

Our Mission

Promote and inform on all things green and sustainable in North Florida with the pursuit of a holistic approach to socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth while maintaining integrity and transparency.

Visit The Global Goals website for more information on what drives us

Our Goal

We look to include in our scope everything from organic gardening to healthy diets – from natural resource conservation to sustainable home strategies – from green waterway technologies to local cleanups. We’re all about promoting events, experts and organizations under the sustainable development umbrella.

  • Increase awareness through the spread of information that is:
    • Easy to digest but allows for the pursuit of deeper knowledge and understanding
    • Localized with events and resources relevant to the community
    • Sourced from thought leaders locally and from around the world
    • Aggregated, organized and categorized so that our diverse audience can get to what is relevant to them
  • Increase community engagement and collaboration around sustainability by:
    • Creating and managing community tools that empower others including but not limited to: an online magazine/blog, events calendar, sustainable directory, social media venues and other information technology
    • Reinforcing the purpose of why you and others focus on sustainability related concepts
    • Encourage partnership and collaboration across campaigns to help tackle the enormity of the issues
  • Increase transparency and accountability which we’ll display and encourage through:
    • Opening up data to make it available and discoverable by others and the technical community
    • Soliciting feedback and direction from you the community (Yeah that’s you!) and putting it to work
    • Tracking metrics tied to our goals and sharing with the community

What’s In It For You?

Whether you’re curious or concerned about sustainability and you’re a resident, businesses, nonprofit, part of local government, an association, teacher, student, investor, entrepreneur, activist…

  • You’ll have ONE resource in North Florida that connects you with all the green and sustainable information, businesses, organizations and activities in our community and provides you easy wins on how to practice sustainable development.
  • You’ll have ability to create and showcase your own work and voice through tools to connect with the local green and sustainability community. You can get listed in the sustainable directory, promote your events in the calendar and post stories or information that showcase your expertise.

How Can You Participate?

  • Just click “Sign Up” to create your User ID and Profile Page. It’s all FREE! Once you activate your account, you can add comments, calendar events, feature articles and directory listings in order to build relationships and support yours and other people’s projects.
  • Don’t want sign up, no problem! You can share content, repost on social media, like, show up to events, make small changes at home, advocate, vote, donate, volunteer, ponder, support, encourage, (you get the idea…)

We look forward to the positive impact we all can make together!

Sustainable North Florida Team